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NextEdit Online Website Editor

Tech Support

As a reseller, you are responsible for direct support of your customers. We are happy to provide support to you, but directly interacting with your customers is not included with our service.


General Tech Support

Once an account is set up, there generally is no need for tech support. On the occasions tech support is needed, we will provide as much as necessary to you for free.

You can send your technical support requests via email during normal business hours (M-F, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. MT).

We also provide tools describing functions in our editor and even suggestions on how to deal with general HTML issues.


Advanced Setup Support

Certain websites, such as those with internal scripting and database access, require extra setup or advanced settings to allow their pages to be safely edited. This feature is what gives NextEdit the flexibility that makes it such a powerful – yet easy to use – website editor.

Pages requiring "SpotEdit" setup (necessary on pages that use server-side scripting) can be handled by yourself, or by NextEdit's tech staff for a fee. If you wish to perform setup yourself, we recommend you practice on "SpotEdit" pages using your free trial/demonstration account so you can learn the finer points of proper setup. We charge $5/page for SpotEdit setup. Normal turnaround is two business days.