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As a NextEdit Reseller, you are responsible for billing your customers and updating NextEdit with the current status of your customer accounts (creating, suspending, closing, etc). You are billed for the total number of open customer accounts in our database, so it is in your interest to keep up with any fluctuations in customer account status.

Your customers will not see any billing forms or emails from NextEdit. Once you set up an account, it is treated as an active revolving account until you change the account status.


Account Management

You can create, suspend and close accounts directly from your Admin Control Panel. Please see the Admin CP documentation for more details.


Reseller Billing

NextEdit requires resellers to have validated credit card information on file, which will be used for the monthly billing. This is done on the first day of each month. The monthly charge is for the number of active customer accounts under your control. The rate per account is determined by the total number of active accounts you bring to our business relationship.

NextEdit charges our direct customers $15.95 per month or $149.95 per year... and that is our suggested retail price. HOWEVER, you are free to charge your customers any price you like, or you can even bundle it in with a more comprehensive service package that you offer your customers. The fee YOU PAY, however, is based on a discount off of our retail pricing.

Our reseller price breaks are: